Joan with Hennesy

Hello! My name is Joan Promen, Owner/Director of Bookmark Farms.

I had my first pony ride at age three, and fell head over heels in love with horses then and there. By age 12, I was heavily immersed in riding at a nearby public stable and living moment-to-moment until my next lesson. My oxygen was the sweet smell of horses, stables, saddles and bridles…..I was in heaven!

Forty years later I see the same excitement on the happy faces that arrive at my farm for riding lessons and summer camp. That kind of exhilaration is life-long and, many times, life-changing.

How you learn to ride and handle horses and ponies is important and getting a good start is essential. Learning to ride a horse or pony can be difficult and unsafe if not done properly. Horseback riding is the only sport where you sit atop a living, feeling, bigger-than-you animal that can move in so many different ways! There isn’t another sport or undertaking quite like it. And horses feel, see, hear, think and learn differently than us. You want to get the proper instruction not only for your own safety and well-being but also for the horse or pony that you ride.

At Bookmark Farms, our mission is to provide quality teaching and safety standards that allow students of all ages and levels to learn and enjoy horses and ponies. We teach you to understand what the horse is thinking so you can positively influence your horse or pony. This ability applies to all levels of riding – from beginner to intermediate to expert riders.

Please free to call or e-mail me. We provide a variety of services that benefit horse lovers young or old, new or experienced. We look forward to hearing from you.

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