Pony Rides

Sunday Pony Rides – For children ages 3-10

  • 15-minute riding lesson $25.00
  • Call 740-964-2601 or email bookmarkfarms@aol.com to schedule your ride.

Our ponies and horses are safe and friendly, and are led by experienced handlers. Each child is taught how to safely approach the pony, mount, sit in the saddle correctly for balance, use irons (aka stirrups), and dismount.

After riding, most kids turn and pet and thank the pony. We encourage children to appreciate their pony and understand their partnership. This can be an important lesson in learning empathy for others and an understanding of animals. So much more than just a pony ride

  • Children should wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes and long pants or leggings.
  • Hard hats are provided and are required to ride.
  • In nice weather, rides take place in our outdoor pony ring.
  • During rain or colder temps, rides take place inside.
  • Please indicate number of children and ages in phone message or email.
  • We will call or email back to confirm your time slot!
  • Parents are required to sign a liability release waiver prior to ride.
  • Payment is due at time of ride – Cash or check okay.

Come make a new equine friend…And don’t forget to say hi to our goats!

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