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Yes, we have scout programs! Our popular two-hour program starts with a quick barn tour during which scouts are introduced to up to 30 horses. The group will then help groom, brush and tack a horse or pony (or both), learn safety rules for working in the barn and around horses, and get a good understanding of how horses think! This prepares the scout group for their mini riding lessons. Starting with the basics of proper mounting, riders learn how to safely sit and balance in the saddle, hold the reins, work some balance exercises, (and properly!) dismount. Participants also learn the safety guidelines for leading horses. When everyone has had a ride, the group helps get the horse ready to go back to his stall. Discussions of feeds, breeds, colors, markings, tack and barn work round out a full two-hours of equine education and fun. Three-hour versions of this program include longer riding time in the saddle. Fees are adjusted.

  • Each program requires a minimum of ten participants. Fee is $20 per child. Non-scout/siblings are welcome to fill out a group of less than ten.
  • Troop leaders and parents attend at no charge.
  • Scout groups are Saturday or Sunday afternoons 4–6 pm. Some exceptions are available.
  • Program is appropriate for both boys groups and girls groups of all ages. Curriculum may be adjusted to suit your troop’s interests.

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