Riding Attire Guidelines


  • Riders should be neat in appearance with hair pulled back and shirt tucked in.
  • Helmets: SEI/ASTM approved helmets must be worn at all times while mountedencore-and-anneliese-300x225
  • Boots: Proper foot wear must be worn. We suggest paddock or tall riding boots. Any hard soled boot with a sturdy ½” heel is acceptable. Cowboy boots or fashion boots with a high heel and deep angle to the arch are not recommended.
  • Pants: Jodhpurs/Breeches, straight leg jeans and leggings are appropriate.
  • Shirts: T-shirts and polo shirts are appropriate, no tank tops please. In colder weather, close-fitting sweaters and polar fleece tops make good layers. Any shirt or coat should not hang below the waist as you sit in the saddle.
  • Gloves: Riding gloves are appropriate year round.

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